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Consumer Protection Act, 2008 (Act No. 68 of 2008)

Chapter 5 : National Consumer Protection Institutions

Part C : Functions of Commission

95. Promotion of consumer protection within organs of state



1) In order to better achieve the purposes of this Act in relation to goods and services supplied to consumers by or through any organs of state, the Commission must—
a) consult with relevant provincial consumer protection authorities, organs of state within the national sphere of government, regulatory authorities, consumer protection groups, and ombuds with respect to the delivery of any such goods or services, with the object of—
i) identifying any practices that are inconsistent with the purposes and policies of this Act; and
ii) developing proposals for reform of any such practices; and
b) report from time to time to the Minister with recommendations for achieving the progressive transformation and reform of practices contemplated in this section.


2) The Commission—
a) must monitor the effectiveness of entities contemplated in subsection (1) relative to the purposes and policies of this Act in relation to goods and services supplied to consumers through organs of state; and
b) may reasonably require entities contemplated in subsection (1) to provide information necessary for the purposes of—
i) monitoring in terms of paragraph (a); or
ii) a report prepared in terms of subsection (1)(b).