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Consumer Protection Act, 2008 (Act No. 68 of 2008)

Chapter 3 : Protection of Consumer Rights and Consumers’ Voice

Part D : Civil society support for consumer’s rights

78. Accredited consumer protection group may initiate actions



a) commence or undertake any act to protect the interests of a consumer individually, or of consumers collectively, in any matter or before any forum contemplated in this Act; and
b) intervene in any matter before any forum contemplated in this Act, if the interests of consumers represented by that group are not otherwise adequately represented in that forum.


2) In addition to any other authority set out in this Act, an accredited consumer protection group may direct a generally stated concern or complaint to the Commission in respect of any matter within the purposes of this Act.


3) The Commission may accredit a consumer protection group if that person or association—
a) functions predominantly to promote or represent the interests of all or a specific category of consumers generally;
b) is committed to achieving the purposes of this Act; and
c) engages in, or makes a realistic proposal to engage in, actions to promote and advance the consumer interests of persons contemplated in section 3(1)(b).


4) The Commission may impose reasonable conditions on the accreditation of a consumer protection group to further the purposes of this Act.


5) The Commission—
a) must monitor the effectiveness of any accredited consumer protection group relative to the purposes and policies of this Act; and
b) may reasonably require any accredited consumer protection group to provide information necessary for the purposes of monitoring in terms of paragraph (a).


6) The Minister may prescribe standards, procedures and related matters for the Commission to follow in assessing whether an applicant for accreditation meets the requirements of this section.