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Consumer Protection Act, 2008 (Act No. 68 of 2008)

Chapter 3 : Protection of Consumer Rights and Consumers’ Voice

Part C : Redress by court

76. Powers of court to enforce consumer rights



1) In addition to any other order that it may make under this Act or any other law, a court considering a matter in terms of this Act may—
a) order a supplier to alter or discontinue any conduct that is inconsistent with this Act;
b) make any order specifically contemplated in this Act; and
c) award damages against a supplier for collective injury to all or a class of consumers generally, to be paid on any terms or conditions that the court considers just and equitable and suitable to achieve the purposes of this Act.


2) This Act does not diminish any right of the consumer or the supplier—
a) to recover interest or special damages in any case where by law interest or special damages may be recoverable; or
b) to recover money paid if the consideration for the payment of it has failed.