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6. Provinces


103. Provinces

104. Legislative authority of provinces

105. Composition and election of provincial legislatures

106. Membership

107. Oath or affirmation

108. Duration of provincial legislatures

109. Dissolution of provincial legislatures before expiry of term

110. Sittings and recess periods

111. Speakers and Deputy Speakers

112. Decisions

113. Permanent delegates' rights in provincial legislatures

114. Powers of provincial legislatures

115. Evidence or information before provincial legislatures

116. Internal arrangements, proceedings and procedures of provincial legislatures

117. Privilege

118. Public access to and involvement in provincial legislatures

119. Introduction of Bills

120. Money Bills

121. Assent to Bills

122. Application by members to Constitutional Court

123. Publication of provincial Acts

124. Safekeeping of provincial Acts

125. Executive authority of provinces

126. Assignment of functions

127. Powers and functions of Premiers

128. Election of Premiers

129. Assumption of office by Premiers

130. Term of office and removal of Premiers

131. Acting Premiers

132. Executive Councils

133. Accountability and responsibilities

134. Continuation of Executive Councils after elections

135. Oath or affirmation

136. Conduct of members of Executive Councils

137. Transfer of functions

138. Temporary assignment of functions

139. Provincial intervention in local government

140. Executive decisions

141. Motions of no confidence

142. Adoption of provincial constitutions

143. Contents of provincial constitutions

144. Certification of provincial constitutions

145. Signing, publication and safekeeping of provincial constitutions

146. Conflicts between national and provincial legislation

147. Other conflicts

148. Conflicts that cannot be resolved

149. Status of legislation that does not prevail

150. Interpretation of conflicts