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Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 1993 (Act No. 130 of 1993)


Notice on Banking Requirements for Occupational Injuries and Diseases related Claims

Compensation Claims and Pensions


Compensation Claims and Pensions


The Compensation Fund will not accept banking details and nominated bank accounts of agents and other representatives other than that of the  injured or diseased beneficiary and/or the COID Pensioner who qualifies for the benefits in terms of the COID Act.


All stakeholders who are impacted by the rollout of the Account Verification Service are requested and advised to update their banking details by submitting the listed documents below to the Fund by the 30 September 2021:


1. Original WAC.33 form
2. Stamped bank statement or bank letter not older than 3 months
3. Certified copy of beneficiary ID
4. Proof of address


In preparation for the transition to the Account Verification process, the Fund will with effect from the date of the publication of this Notice not accept change of banking details which do not comply with the above with the exception of Foreign claims paid through the department of international relations.


Any claims submitted that do not match comply with the requirements above will experience delays and/or rejection by the Fund until the correct banking details of the Medical Service Provider have been submitted.


The Fund will not be liable for payment of claims that have been rejected due to non-compliance. All medical payments will be put on hold until the correct information and documentation has been submitted.