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Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 1993 (Act No. 130 of 1993)


Notice on Compensation for Occupationally-Acquired Novel Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19)

Schedule A : Circular No. CF/03/2020

6. Reporting


6.1 The following documentation should be submitted to the Compensation Commissioner or the employer individually liable or the mutual association concerned:


(a) Employer's Report of an Occupational Disease (W.CL.1)
(b) Notice of an Occupational Disease and Claim for Compensation 0/V.CL.14)
(c) Exposure and Medical Questionnaire
(d) First  Medical  Report  in respect  of  an  Occupational  Disease  (W.CL.22)  indicating U07.1 as the ICD-10 code for Covid-19
(e) Exposure History (W.CL. 110) and/or any other appropriate employment history which may include any information that may be helpful to the Compensation Commissioner.
(f) A medical report on the employee's symptoms that details the history, establishes a diagnosis of COVID-19 and laboratory results and chest radiographs where appropriate or any other information relevant to the claim.
(g) For each consultation, a Progress Medical Report (W.CL. 26).
(h) Final Medical Report in respect of an Occupational Disease (W.CL.26) when the employee's condition has reached Maximum Medical Improvement {MMI).
(i) An affidavit by the employee if employer cannot be traced or will not timeously supply a W.CL.1, where applicable.


6.2 Online claims for Covid-19 must be made through the following channels, indicating the correct ICD-10 code - U07.1:


Compensation Fund: CompEasy (

Rand Mutual Assurance: CompCare (

Federated Employers Mutual: IMS (


6.3 Submission  of  manual  claims  for  COVID-19  must  be  sent  to  these  email addresses:


Compensation Fund: or phone 0860 105 350

Rand Mutual Assurance: or phone 086 022 2132

Federated Employers Mutual: or phone 011 359 4300