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Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 1993 (Act No. 130 of 1993)


Correction of the Regulations on Compensation Fund's Employer assessment model made by the Minister under compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 1993

Notice No. 182 of 2021


Notice No. 182

1 April 2021

GG 44409


Department of Employment and Labour


I, Thembelani Waltermade Nxesi, Minister of Employment and Labour, hereby issue an erratum to Notice No. 1282 of 2021, published in Government Gazette No. 43959 of 3 December 2020 make the following regulations in terms of Section 97 (2) of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act, 1993 (Act No 130 of 1993) as amended and in terms of Section 83 (1) on assessment of employer. The regulation is attached as Schedule A.


I hereby make the following correction to the published Notice (Notice No. 43959 of 2020) herein on the following: Definition of Period of Assessment, on Class J (Subclass Code 0114 Tillage & Forestry), on Class L (Subclass Code 0701 Cotton/Wool Mnfr 2021 Rate is 1.87) and on Class M (Subclass Code 2500 Households)



T W Nxesi, MP

Minister of Employment and Labour

Date 24/03/2021




The following errata are hereby recorded against Government Notice 43595 of 3 December 2020 under heading, 'REGULATIONS ON COMPENSATION FUND'S TARIFFS OF ASSESSMENT MADE BY THE MINISTER UNDER COMPENSATION FOR OCCUPATIONAL INJURIES AND DISEASES ACT, 1993'.


These corrections are italicised in bold font in the repeated notice below where appropriate.


(a) Under bullet 1. REGULATION, the second sentence, expanded and corrected, should read, 'The first year of assessment wherein the new assessment rates will apply will be the 2021 assessment period'.
(b) Under bullet 2. DEFINITION, the 2021 assessment year in the second paragraph should be defined as follows, 'The 2021 assessment year is the period 1st March 2021 to 28 February 2022'.
(c) The following corrections are made to SCHEDULE A -  TARIFFS OF ASSESSMENT,
(i) The rates under column heading 2020 were incorrect in the publication of 3 December 2020. The column is removed.
(ii) Class J with industry name Tillage & Forestry was published with an incorrect subclass code 2011. The correct subclass code is 0114.
(iii) Class L with industry name Cotton/Wood Mnfr and subclass code 0701 was published with the incorrect rate of 1.67 for the 2021 assessment period. The correct rate is 1.87.
(iv) Class M with industry name Households was published with the incorrect code 0701. This is corrected with the newly created subclass code 2500.
(d) The tariff rates as published in Government Gazette 43104 of 18 March 2020 are included at the end of this document.


It is hereby recorded that the rate 1.04 provisioned for Households, which includes private domestic employers, will be applied retrospectively for the 2020 assessment period; as well as for prior assessment periods up to the 1994 assessment period.