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Companies Act, 2008 (Act No. 71 of 2008)


Companies Regulations, 2011


Form CoR 15.1C - Short Standard Form Non Profit Companies without members


Article 1 - Incorporation and Nature of the Company


1.1        Incorporation


(1)        The Company is incorporated as a Non Profit company, as defined in the Companies Act, 2008.


(2)        The Company is incorporated in accordance with, and governed by––

(a)        the provisions of the Companies Act, 2008 that are applicable to Non Profit companies, without any limitation,  extension, variation or substitution; and

(b)        the provisions of this Memorandum of Incorporation.


1.2        Objects and Powers of the Company


(1) The Objects of the Company are as set out on the cover sheet and, except to the extent necessarily implied by the  stated objects, the purposes and powers of the Company are not subject to any restriction, limitation or qualification, as contemplated in section 19 (1)(b)(ii).


(2) The Company is not subject to any provision contemplated in section 15 (2)(b) or (c).


(3)        Upon dissolution of the Company, it net assets must be distributed in the manner determined in accordance with Item 1(4)(b) of Schedule 2 of the Companies Act, 2008.


1.3        Memorandum of Incorporation and Company rules


(1) This Memorandum of Incorporation of the Company may be altered or amended only in the manner set out in section 16, 17 or 152 (6) (b).


(2) The authority of the Company’s Board of Directors to make rules for the Company, as contemplated in section 15 (3) to (5), is not limited or restricted in any manner by this Memorandum of Incorporation.


(3) The Board must publish any rules made in terms of section 15 (3) to (5) by delivering a copy of those rules to each director by ordinary mail.


(4) The Company must publish a notice of any alteration of the Memorandum of Incorporation or the Rules, made in terms of section 17 (1), by delivering a copy of those rules to each director by ordinary mail.


1.4        Optional provisions of Companies Act, 2008 do not apply


The Company does not elect, in terms of section 34 (2), to comply voluntarily with the provisions of Chapter 3 of the  Companies Act, 2008.


1.5        Company not to have members


As contemplated in Item 4 (1) of Schedule 2 of the Act, the Company has no members.