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Companies Act, 2008 (Act No. 71 of 2008)


Companies Regulations, 2011

Chapter 4 : Offerings of Company Securities

Part B : Requirements Concerning Offering of Securities

53. Access to supporting documents


The original, or a certified copy, of each of the following documents relating to the company, and any subsidiary of the company, must be available for inspection at the registered office of the company from the date that a prospectus is issued by or on behalf of that company, until at least 10 business days after the closing date set out in the prospectus in terms of regulation 71:

(a) The Memorandum of Incorporation;
(b) All material contracts referred to in regulation 63, and any other agreement referred to in this Chapter, if the agreement is written;
(c) A memorandum giving full particulars of any unwritten agreement contemplated in paragraph (b);
(d) The written consents required by section 102; and
(e) The relevant power of attorney documents, or resolutions authorising the signing of the prospectus, if all the directors have not signed the prospectus.