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Companies Act, 2008 (Act No. 71 of 2008)


Companies Regulations, 2011

Chapter 7 : Complaints, Applications and Tribunal Hearings

Part D : Commission or Panel Complaint and Investigation Procedures

135. Filing of complaints with the Commission


See sections 156 (d), 157, 168 and 169 (1)


(1) A complaint filed with the Commission or the Panel must be in Form CoR 135.1.


(2) At any time before the Commission or Panel has concluded its consideration of a complaint, the complainant may withdraw the complaint.


(3) The Commission or the Panel may continue to investigate a complaint after it has been withdrawn, as if the Commission or Panel had initiated it as contemplated in section 168 (2).


(4) A notice of non-investigation of a complaint by the Commission or the Panel, as contemplated in section 169 (1)(a), must be in Form CoR 135.2.