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Budget Speech 2020

5. Conclusion


Madam Speaker Winning is not easy.


Less than two years before winning the World Cup, the Springboks lost 57-nil to the All Blacks. Miss Universe did not win her first attempt at Miss South Africa.


Winning takes patience, prudence and perseverance. As Saint Paul tells us we must run in such a way that we may win.


To paraphrase Charles Dickens, who I quoted in my first address as Minister of Finance, we will make these the best of times.


Mr President and Deputy President, thank you for your leadership.


A word of appreciation to the Deputy Minister of Finance, The National Treasury Director General and his team.


My thanks to the SARS Commissioner, to the Governor of the South African Reserve Bank, to colleagues in the Cabinet and in the Minister's Committee on the Budget.


My gratitude for the Parliamentary Committees who work tirelessly to process the legislation accompanying the Speech.


I close by reflecting on the words of Comrade Bram Fischer from the dock:


"With confidence we lay our case before the whole world, whether we win or die, freedom will rise in Africa, like the sun from the morning clouds".


Mudzimu fhatutshedza Afurika