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Adjustments Appropriation Act, 2014 (Act No. 37 of 2014)

5. Utilisation of unspent funds


(1) Despite section 43(4)(b) and (c) of the Public Finance Management Act, and in order to expedite service delivery, the Minister may approve the utilisation of unspent funds in an amount appropriated in Schedule 2 to this Act—
(a) for transfer to another organ of state or to an organisation or body outside of government, provided that the expenditure is to be utilised for the same purpose as that of the main division within the vote in which it was originally appropriated; or
(b) from payments for capital assets, within the same vote for other categories of expenditure, other than for the compensation of employees.


(2) The approval of the utilisation of unspent funds in terms of subsection (1) must be disclosed in the National Treasury’s next quarterly report to the relevant Parliamentary Committees.