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South African Qualifications Authority Act, 1995 (Act No. 58 of 1995)

7. Powers of Authority



(a) The Authority may establish committees and appoint persons who are not members of the Authority to the committees.
(b) The Authority shall appoint the chairperson of every committee.
(c) The Authority may dissolve or reconstitute a committee.
(d) The Authority may delegate any of its powers, excluding the powers referred to in this section, to any of its committees, but shall not be divested of a power so delegated and may at any time withdraw such a delegation.
(e) The Authority may amend or set aside any decision of such a committee.


(2) The Authority may resolve disputes relating to the performance of its functions referred to in section 5.


(3) The Authority may acquire and dispose of assets.


(4) The Authority may cause research to be done which it considers relevant to the performance of its functions.


(5) The Authority may perform any other function, which the Minister may designate which is relevant to the National Qualifications Framework.