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South African Maritime Safety Authority Levies Act, 1998 (Act No. 6 of 1998)


Determination of Levies

3. Imposition of Levies


(1) The levies in the Annex are hereby imposed.


(2) The Annex has effect according to its terms.


(3) A levy that is payable in accordance with the Annex, is payable by the ship's owner, charterer, operator or agent.


(4) If—
(a) the Authority has received an amount in respect of levy; and
(b) the person who paid the amount applies for a refund; and
(c) the amount is not due to the Authority,

the Authority must refund the amount to that person.


(5) Nothing in this paragraph prevents the collection directly by the Authority of any levy that is stated to be payable to the National Ports Authority.