Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)

Approval of the Constitution of the Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority (LGSETA)

3. Objectives of Authority

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In performing the functions contemplated in the Act and in this Constitution, the Authority must seek to promote the objectives contemplated in the Act and this Constitution, and must comply with the Skills Development Levies Act, and to the extent that it is necessary with the Public Finance Management Act.


3.1General objectives

The general objectives of the Authority are to -

3.1.1Develop the skills of employees and employers in local government;
3.1.2Facilitate the development of the skills of employees;
3.1.3Improve the quality of life, prospects and labour mobility of employees in local government through skills development initiatives;
3.1.4Facilitate and strengthen the institutional capacity of local government in order to improve productivity and the quality of services thereby enhancing the quality of life of the community and the country at large;
3.1.5Increase the levels of investment in skills development and to improve returns on such investment: and
3.1.6Promote the inclusion of contextual knowledge in respect of issues of local government and governance within learnerships and skills development programmes.


3.2Objectives in relation to employers

The objectives of the Authority in relation to employers are to encourage them to:

3.2.1Develop their capacity to manage and provide education and training.
3.2.2Use their workplaces and facilities to create active learning environments.
3.2.3Develop workplace skills plans in the context of integrated development planning.
3.2.4Provide new entrants to the labour market with opportunities to learn through exposure to work experience in learnership programmes.
3.2.5Provide appropriate education and training interventions in relation to job creation or local economic development initiatives.
3.2.6Provide employment opportunities for persons who might otherwise find it difficult to obtain employment.
3.2.7Support education and training interventions linked to the objectives and mechanisms of the Employment Equity Act, 1998 and:
3.2.8Develop appropriate partnerships between themselves and other public, private and non-governmental organisations.


3.3Objectives in relation to employees

The objectives of the Authority in relation to employees are to encourage them to:

3.3.1Participate in learnerships and other education and training programmes.
3.3.2Participate in the governance and evaluation of the programmes they undertake and;
3.3.3Develop an ethos of responsibility in respect of their work.


3.4Objectives in relation to local communities

The objectives of the Authority in relation to the communities served by local government are to:

3.4.1Assist work-seekers to gain access to work experience;
3.4.2Assist retrenched workers to re-enter the labour market; and
3.4.3Promote skills for self- employment.