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Second-Hand Goods Act, 2009 (Act No. 6 of 2009)


Regulations for Accreditation of Second-Hand Goods Dealers' Associations, 2010

8. Criteria in respect of the application


(1)        An application must demonstrate that—

(a)        the organizational structure of that association is capable of performing the functions of an association; and

(b)        the constitution of that association complies with the requirements of regulation nine.


(2)        An application must describe—

(a)        the field of trade or industry in which that association represents dealers;

(b)        the main purpose of that association and its experience in the field of trade or industry in respect of which it was established;

(c)        any affiliation of the association to relevant national or international organisations;

(d)        any interest or conflict of interest which may render that association unsuitable for accreditation;

(e)        the region where that association operates or functions;

(f)        the time period for which that association has existed or functioned as an association;

(g)        where applicable, the criteria upon which that association intends to classify its members into different categories; and

(h)        documents in support of any criteria related to the factors listed in this regulation.


(3) Where applicable, an application must contain—
(a) written representations by members, other persons or associations in support of the application;
(b) a description of the basic elements of any research and development program that association may have for its members;
(c) a description of the basic elements of any training programmes that association may have or recommend for its members;
(d) a description of the manner in which that association lawfully disseminates general industry information amongst its members; or
(e) any other information that may in the opinion of that association be relevant to ascertain the suitability for accreditation.


(4) The National Commissioner may, in order to establish whether an association applying for accreditation fulfills the criteria—
(a) require a set of fingerprints of each responsible person and any person other than a responsible person who is responsible for the management or day to day control of that association;
(b) consider the capacity of that association to verify whether or not a member complies and continue to comply with its conditions of membership; and
(c) where applicable, consider inputs from interested parties.