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Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act, 2000 (Act No. 4 of 2000)


Regulations Relating to the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination, 2003

Chapter VII : Promotion of Equality by the State

23. Request for progress report


(1) A request from a constitutional institution for a progress report regarding the number of cases and the nature and outcome thereof contemplated in section 25(3)(c) of the Act, must correspond substantially with Annexure B and must—
(a) be in writing;
(b) be addressed to the Director-General of the Department;
(c) be signed by the chief executive officer of the constitutional institution, or a person designated by him or her;
(d) indicate the period for which the information is required;
(e) indicate the date on which the report is due;
(f) indicate which of the following particulars are required—
(i) in regard to the number of cases—
(aa) the number of cases instituted in the equality court in terms of section 20(2) of the Act; and
(bb) the number of cases finalised by the equality court or an alternative forum;
(ii) in regard to the nature of the cases—
(aa) the ground of discrimination;
(bb) the category of discrimination involved for example in respect of procurement, employment, access to places and facilities, accommodation (land/housing), education, sport, insurance, provisioning of goods and services, registered clubs, advertisements etc.;
(cc) the area from which the complaint originates (rural/metropolitan);
(dd) the age, gender, race, and where applicable, the disability of the complainant;
(ee) the gender and race of the person against whom the allegations are made;
(iii) in regard to the outcome of the case—
(aa) the finding and order of the equality court; or
(bb) in the event of the case being dealt with by an alternative forum, the name of the forum, the outcome of the case and form of dispute resolution mechanism used to solve the case;
(g) invite the Director-General of the Department to make any additional relevant comments, either in general or in respect of a specific case, or in respect of any apparent tendencies in respect of the cases reported.