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Plant Breeders' Rights Act, 1976 (Act No. 15 of 1976)


Notice No. 473 of 1976


1. Definitions

2. Application of Act

3. Designation of registrar

4. Register of plant breeders' rights

5. Register to be evidence

5A. Entering into of certain agreements by registrar

6. Persons who may apply for plant breeders' rights

7. Application for plant breeder's right

8. Priority and redating of applications

9. [Repealed]

10. Denomination of variety

11. Rejection of application

12. Amendment of application

13. Publication of application

14. Grant of provisional protection

15. Effect of provisional protection

16. Termination of provisional protection

17. Objection to grant of plant breeder's right

18. Hearing of an objection

19. Consideration and examination of applications

20. Grant of plant breeder's right

21. Period of plant breeder's right

22. Payment of annual fee

23. Rights of holder of plant breeder's right

23A. Infringement of plant breeder's right

24. Maintenance of reproductive material

24A. Power to enter premises, carry out inspections

25. Licences

26. Application for compulsory licence

27. Grant of compulsory licence

28. Joint holders of plant breeder's right

29. Transfer of plant breeder's right

30. State bound by plant breeder's right

31. State may take over plant breeder's right

32. Alteration of denomination

33. Termination of plant breeder's right

34. Voluntary surrender of plant breeder's right

35. Marking of labels or containers

36. Correction of errors

37. Discretionary power of registrar

38. Defect in form not to invalidate documents

39. Preservation and proof of documents

40. Secrecy

41. [Repealed]

42. Appeal against decision or action of the registrar

43. [Repealed]

44. Regulations

45. Offences and penalties

46. Prohibition of trafficking by officers

47. Compensation in respect of infringement of plant breeder's right

48. Assignment of powers and duties by Minister

49. Limitation of liability

50. [Repealed]

51. Plant breeder's rights granted in terms of Act 22of 1964

52. Repeal of laws

53. Short title and commencement