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Infrastructure Development Act, 2014 (Act No. 23 of 2014)

Part 3 : Strategic integrated projects

7. Requirements for strategic integrated projects and designation of Chairpersons of strategic integrated projects



(1) A project or group of projects qualifies as a strategic integrated project for the purposes of this Act if—
(a) it comprises of one or more installation, structure, facility, system, service or process relating to any matter specified in Schedule 1 or such additions to that Schedule as the Council may decide and has published by notice in the Gazette;
(b) it complies with any of the following criteria:
(i) It would be of significant economic or social importance to the Republic;
(ii) it would contribute substantially to any national strategy or policy relating to infrastructure development; or
(iii) it is above a certain monetary value determined by the Commission; and
(c) the Commission has included the project in the national infrastructure plan and has, in terms of section 8, designated the project as a strategic integrated project.


(2) The Commission may for the purposes of subsection (1)(b)(iii) determine different values for different types of strategic integrated projects or for different categories of strategic integrated projects.


(3) A strategic integrated project may include infrastructure that is not public infrastructure, provided it is with the consent of the owner.


(4) The Council must designate as Chairperson of a strategic integrated project the Minister under whose portfolio a strategic integrated project falls or, where different components of a strategic integrated project fall under different portfolios, such Minister as the Council may determine as principally responsible for the strategic integrated project.


(5) The SIP Chairperson shall as soon as possible after the Council has designated a strategic integrated project—
(a) convene and chair a forum of executive authorities that are involved in the strategic integrated project from the three spheres of government;
(b) coordinate implementation of the strategic integrated project that she or he chairs;
(c) ensure that the steering committee of the strategic integrated project provides information as required by the Secretariat; and
(d) promote the alignment of relevant government activities in support of implementation, operation and maintenance of the strategic integrated project.