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Government Employees Pension Law, 1996

Schedule 1 : Rules of the Government Employees Pension Fund

4. Management of the fund

4.9 Meetings of the Board


4.9.1 Authority to call a meeting
(a) The Chairperson or if he or she is not available the vice-chairperson shall convene a meeting of the board on a quarterly basis to attend to the affairs of the Fund.
(b) Notwithstanding rule 4.9.1(a) above, any trustee may with the written support of two other trustees request the chairperson, or if he or she is not available the vice-chairperson, in writing, to convene a meeting of the Board to deal with the business set out in such a request.
(c) The chairperson, or if he or she is not available the vice-chairperson, shall convene such a meeting of the Board within 21 days of receiving the request.
(d) Two-thirds of the trustees is a quorum. If a quorum is not present the chairperson postpones the meeting for seven days and informs the trustees of such meeting and trustees present at that meeting, then form a quorum.


4.9.2 Voting rights and minutes
(a) Every trustee including the chairperson, has one vote at all meetings of the Board and subject to rule 4.9.1(d), the decision of the majority of trustees present at a meeting shall constitute a decision of the Board.
(b) During a meeting of the Board votes are cast by the raising of hands unless the majority of trustees present at the meeting request that voting takes place by way of secret ballot.
(c) The Board may adopt any arrangement in its discretion to regulate its proceedings or to delegate the performance of any of its duties to a sub-committee of the Board, subject thereto that such an arrangement must not be inconsistent with any provision contained in the Law.
(d) Minutes are kept of every meeting of the Board. During each meeting of the Board the minutes of the previous meeting are signed by the chairperson of that meeting after approval thereof by the meeting.
(e) A trustee who, directly or indirectly, has a pecuniary interest in any investment or contemplated investment of the Fund, or an interest in any other matter before the Board, shall disclose such interest and may not be present at that meeting when the particular matter is discussed.
(f) The Board may determine the requirements in connection with the attendances of its meetings by trustees and substitutes, and remove from office any trustee or substitute who does not comply therewith in consultation with his or her principal.