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Fund-raising Act, 1978 (Act No. 107 of 1978)

Chapter III : General and Supplementary Provisions

29. Minister may prohibit collection of contributions for certain purposes or in certain manner or by or for or on behalf of certain persons or organizations


(1) If the Minister deems it to be in the public interest, he may, notwithstanding the provisions of this Act, and without giving any person or organization notice or an opportunity to make representations, by notice in the Gazette prohibit the collection of contributions for any purpose or in any manner or by or for or on behalf of any person or organization mentioned in such notice.

[Subsection (1) substituted by section 1 of Act No. 92 of 1981]


(2) No authority, permission, registration certificate, special authority, special permission or temporary authority or contributions shall be granted or collected in conflict with such a prohibition.


(3) The Minister may at any time by like notice amend or withdraw a notice referred to in subsection (1).