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Episode 7: Mental health and well-being in COVID-19

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Episode 7: Mental health and well-being in COVID-19


We explored the idea of rewriting your own personal story, looking more closely at how our identity comes out of the subconscious mind, and how the ‘stories’ that make up our identity impact us, often restricting us from responding appropriately to the world around us.


We touched on the following:

‘learned helplessness’ and what this is
how we have the ability to ‘rewire’ the pathways between the thalamus and amygdala enabling us to rewrite our negative stories
how this takes consistent effort, over time
the elements that make up the ‘hero’s journey’


We spoke about how we create ‘nametags’ for ourselves, and how these impact us, and that in the process of rewriting our own personal stories we need the support of those around us.



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