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Episode 4: Mental health and well-being in COVID-19

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Episode 4: Mental health and well-being in COVID-19


We discussed relational connection in a time of social distancing, and asked the question: do we need relationships? Concluding that ‘yes’, it is good relationships that keep us happier and healthier.


And that, rather than a time of social distancing, COVID-19 can be a time of social relating online.


We touched on the following:

Our brains are interdependent
We pick up on the emotions of others (emotional contagion)
The stage of highest relational maturity, is interdependence
Our goal as humans isn’t independence but rather interdependence
“I am because we are and since we are, therefore I am” (J. Mbiti)


We highlighted the emotional and psychological impact of social distancing, looking at what practical things people can do to create relational connection.



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