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Episode 3: Mental health and well-being in COVID-19

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WEBINAR SERIES: Building psychological strength and emotional resilience!


Episode 3: Mental health and well-being in COVID-19


We discuss how we need to override negative tendencies to create flourishing in our lives.


And we look at neurological aspects of thought and emotion in terms of how we experience the world.


We touch on the following:

we can get caught up in cycles of emotional addiction
these cycles may mean that we feel ‘good’ neurologically when we're doing what is familiar i.e. being anxious, frustrated or angry
neurons that fire together wire together
we can use specific techniques to change our neurological wiring
the one that wins is the one you feed the most


We highlight the ABCDE technique from Albert Ellis that helps us stay away from negative thought processes and to have more effective thoughts and behaviour.


A resource for the ABCDE technique can be found on the Mygrow platform with your 21-day registration along with an activity sheet for increasing your positivity ratio.



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