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Episode 2: Mental health and well-being in COVID-19

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WEBINAR SERIES: Building psychological strength and emotional resilience!


Episode 2: Mental health and well-being in COVID-19


This installment discusses some of the psychological factors we can expect to play a role in our thinking, behaviour and emotions over the coming weeks.


Some of the key takeaways from the webinar include:

we need to understand the overlap between psychology and neurology to empower us in our pursuit of wellbeing
The mind is hugely powerful, through its 86 billion ‘laptops’, in helping us build the kind of positive emotions we want for wellbeing
the subconscious mind pays more attention to negative messages than positive ones
the mind thus has a bias for negativity and it takes effort to focus on the positive
we need to maintain a “three positive for every one negative” ratio for us to achieve a psychological state of wellbeing


We set a challenge with the key question: what will your positivity ratio be during the lockdown?


Finally we consider positive activities to improve our positivity ratio during this time.



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