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Episode 1: Mental health and well-being in COVID-19

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WEBINAR SERIES: Building psychological strength and emotional resilience!


Episode 1: Mental health and well-being in COVID-19


The first 30-minute episode gives an overview of the sixteen webinars ahead of you on this journey to psychological wellbeing.


The focus is on how this is a time for growth, and raises a few useful points on managing through the season:

we have a huge amount of agency to have a positive impact on our relationships and on ourselves during this time
the psychological effects of isolation can be quite damaging unless we implement specific techniques to help us with our psychological wellbeing
the context in which we find ourselves can significantly impact on our behaviours - we look at the example of the Stanford prison experiment


In light of these points we consider adaptive and maladaptive coping strategies.


And we set a challenge with the key question: “what kind of human being will you be during the lockdown?”


After looking at some of the learnings that happened for Nelson Mandela during his twenty seven years in prison we reflect on how we might grow to make our world better during the lockdown.



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