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Report 73 Business Practices Committee

3. The Meeting with Coetzee on 5 October 1998



Officials of the Committee held discussions with Coetzee at the offices of Dia-Logos (Gauteng) Pty Ltd on 5 October 1998. Coetzee said that VdDussen was a business acquaintance of his. He advanced R2.4 million to VdDussen to further develop the "KEER" model. VdDussen had to pay this amount back within six months at an annual interest rate of 45 per cent. The reason for this "relatively" high interest rate was that Coetzee bought three "micro" lending franchises from Louhen and he was used to rates of up to 360 per cent per annum.(12)


According to Coetzee, VdDussen did not pay the monthly instalments and Coetzee suggested that the agreement, signed on 8 March 1998 and discussed above, be drawn up. In terms of the agreement VdDussen would only have received R2 million in cash once the "capitalisation process" of Dia-Logos (Gauteng) (Pty) Ltd had been completed. This right was in any event ceded to Coetzee because VdDussen still owed him in excess of R2 million. Coetzee is the only shareholder and director of the dormant company, Metanoia (Pty) Ltd. The aim of Metanoia is to assist in the development of businesses with "... excellent growth prospects".


Coetzee and +20 persons are the shareholders of Dia-Logos (Gauteng) (Pty) Ltd. Dia-Logos uses the "KEER" model to advise their clients about the restructuring of their insurance portfolios. The business practices of Dia-Logos (Gauteng) (Pty) Ltd and Metanoia (Pty) Ltd were not investigated by the Committee.